The Ladies, too!

Anonymous asked: I bet Zacky regrets cheating on Gena his relationship now won't last


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Anonymous asked: Oh bless you lol. I'm sick and tired of some blogs going on about how they aren't the same bullshit. Like can we just celebrate this re-release first and their chart positions?

U know it kiddo

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Waking The Fallen Resurrected makes me love them 10 billion times more.

Anonymous asked: You received shipping confirmation from WTF ressurection yet? im in uk too and i haven't.

I still haven’t received anything 😩

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Anonymous asked: At anon: I don't get why you're asking, they obviously accept some people or you wouldn't have been accepted.

i dunno, maybe they were accepting friends and accidentally accepted them. I wouldn’t know because I don’t try and add the ferlita sisters because I’m happy not crossing that line.

Anonymous asked: do the ferlita sisters accept people on fb? cuz they accepted me

Who can say for definite? Maybe you were a fluke, or you had a fake account etc. etc.

Anonymous asked: post some ferlita sister pics from their facebook please?

Sorry kiddos, no can do. The Ferlita sisters, like it’s already said, are the main source for you guys and the other blogs for pictures of the wives. Let’s not bite the hand that feeds.

Anonymous asked: Post a pic of mckenna and her grandma please?


Anonymous asked: Why wierd? Mckenna is a part of the the a7x family just like the wives. Please post a pic

McKenna is a teenager trying to live her life in SoCal and do her own thing music wise. I’m not going to start posting private pictures of her on here.